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What are the causes of vaginitis?

What are the causes of young girl vaginitis? Vaginal bleeding in baby girls is a special physiological phenomenon, but some are gynecological diseases. When a few female infants give birth 5-7 days after birth, a small amount of bloody secretion is found in the vagina when changing diapers, lasting for 1-2 days. At this time, the estrogen in the mother is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, so that it is affected by estrogen after birth, resulting in the increase of vaginal secretion.

If the baby's feeding, sleeping and defecation are normal, parents don't have to be nervous. They just need to change diapers frequently and keep local clean and hygienic. If the amount of bleeding is large, the secretion has peculiar smell, lasts for a long time, and is accompanied by bleeding in other parts, you must go to the hospital in time.

Some girls will have intermittent vaginal bleeding in childhood. Experts point out that the causes of vulva and vaginal bleeding in infants and young girls can be divided into hormonal and non hormonal. Hormonal bleeding is mainly precocious puberty, which is rare; Non hormonal bleeding accounts for about 80%. Parents should pay attention to observation.

The main causes are as follows:

1. Vaginal foreign body:

Children often insert hairpins, pins or small toys into the vagina out of curiosity or in order to relieve the itching of the vulva. Especially in rural areas, children wear open pants and sit on a pile of wheat and rice. When wheat or millet enters the vagina, foreign bodies will stay in the vagina, usually causing inflammation, increasing vaginal secretions, purulent or bloody and stinking, After a little time, the vaginal mucosal surface formed an ulcer.

When children suffer from nonspecific and bacterial vaginitis, especially those with intractable and long-lasting healing, the possibility of foreign bodies in the vagina should be considered.

2. Traumatic bleeding:

Children are more active than adults and have a poor sense of self-protection. Operative vulvovaginal bleeding caused by trauma is more common.

Generally, it falls from a high place or the vulva touches stones, ironware and stool corners. Some may be injured when sitting on a spittoon and urinating, and local pain after vulva injury. Some may produce hematoma, some may produce vulva skin laceration, and even vaginal mucosa and vaginal wall laceration. The amount of bleeding varies.

3. Vulvovaginitis:

Girls in infancy vulva development is not perfect, estrogen level is low, vaginal epithelial resistance is strong, and the vagina is close to the anus, vulnerable to bacterial infection and inflammation. Pathogens can be transmitted through the clothes, bathtubs and hands of sick mothers, caregivers or kindergarten children. They can also be caused by poor hygiene, unclean vulva and frequent stool pollution.

Most of the symptoms are vulva redness, itching, purulent secretion, and some are repeated vaginal bleeding.

In recent years, young girls have gonococcal vulvovaginitis through indirect transmission, which should be vigilant. In recent years, children's gynecological diseases have attracted more attention. If parents have questions in this regard, they can go to the children's Hospital of Beijing Children's Hospital for a doctor.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the causes of young girl vaginitis. More topics about the causes of young girl vaginitis will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!