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What kind of vaginitis are women most likely to be infected with?

What kind of vaginitis are women most likely to be infected with? Vaginitis is a common disease among women. It should be noted that vaginitis is not the patent of married women. Single women will also be attacked by vaginitis. Therefore, single women should also do a good job in prevention. So, what kind of vaginitis are single women likely to get?

1. Tight crotch pants vaginitis

It is often caused by wearing tight crotch and hip wrapped briefs and high elastic tight bodybuilding pants. Vaginal secretions and sweat are not easy to spread, causing vaginitis. The symptoms are excessive leucorrhea, itching of vagina and urine, and frequent urination. Urgent urination. Urinary disease and other original tract irritation symptoms.

2. Adolescent menarche vaginitis

When adolescent girls come to menstruation for the first time, out of shyness and hazy understanding of menstruation, they often don't understand or pay attention to menstrual hygiene, abuse unclean toilet paper, cause the vulva to be polluted by unclean toilet paper, and cause menarche vaginitis. The symptoms are falling and burning in the perineum, increased vaginal secretions, frequent urination and painful urination.

3. Juvenile vaginitis

It is more common in little girls because they sit on the ground or crawl on the ground, or poke their fingers into the vagina and place foreign bodies, resulting in contamination of the vulva and vagina and inducing vaginitis. The manifestations are redness and swelling of the vulva, watery vaginal secretions, vaginal burning or extreme pain. For the treatment of young female vaginitis, only flush the vagina and vulva, and you can get satisfactory results.

Warm reminder:

The anatomical position of the female vagina is very unfavorable to the self-cleaning of the vagina. It passes through the female cervix, connects the perineum, and is adjacent to the urethra and anus. If girls do not understand or ignore the cleanliness of the vagina and its surrounding organs, it will easily induce some vaginitis. Therefore, women should pay attention to personal hygiene and comprehensively prevent vaginitis.