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How to keep your baby's genitals clean?

How to keep your baby's genitals clean? Does the baby need to clean the genitals? How to clean the vagina for your baby? How to clean the baby's pudenda correctly? There are some substances left by the mother in the baby's body, which need to be cleaned in time. We introduce the correct method of cleaning your baby's pudenda.

· First clean the vulva with clean gauze, pay attention to scrub from inside to outside, from front to back. Don't rub inside the labia minora.

· Clean the thigh root.

· Hold her leg in her left hand, lift her leg up and clean her anus with gauze.

· Apply skin cream to your hips.

· Change your diapers.

· Gauze can only be used once. It can only be used after cleaning and boiling disinfection next time.