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Can vaginitis women take contraceptives?

Can vaginitis women take contraceptives? Does vaginitis patient eat contraceptive? How is female vaginitis contraception? How does vaginitis patient contraception correctly?

1. Do not abuse antibiotics. Cough, fever, headache, take antibiotics? As everyone knows, antibiotics may inhibit some beneficial bacteria, and molds will take the opportunity to multiply in large numbers. Therefore, the use of antibiotics should be cautious.

2. Wash underwear separately. Mold can multiply on the skin surface, gastrointestinal tract, nails and other places. If family members or themselves suffer from tinea pedis, onychomycosis, etc., it is easy to cause mold cross infection. Therefore, underwear must be washed separately.

3. Avoid excessive cleaning. Frequent use of acidic gynecological cleaning disinfectants and disinfection pads is easy to create a humid and acidic environment for breeding mold. Cleaning with warm water is the best choice.

4. Pay attention to nursing during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the level of sex hormone, glycogen and acidity in the vagina will increase, which is easy to be invaded by mold. Therefore, pregnant women should not use oral drugs, but should choose local prevention and adjuvant treatment.

5. Be alert to the washing machine. Mold is hidden in almost every washing bucket! And the more frequently you use the washing machine, the more mold! However, there is a killer mace to deal with the mold in the washing machine: wash the washing bucket with hot water at about 60 ℃!

6. Pay attention to the sanitation of public places. There may be a lot of mold hidden in public places. When you go out, don't use the bathtub of the hotel, wear long pajamas, pad toilet paper before using the toilet, etc.

7. Correct contraception. Estrogen in contraceptives can promote mold invasion. If mycotic vaginitis occurs repeatedly, try not to use drug contraception.

8. Partner co governance. If you are infected with mycotic vaginitis, it is not only you who need treatment, but also your partner, so that you can have the expected curative effect.

9. Wear cotton underwear. Tight chemical fiber underwear will increase the local temperature and humidity of the vagina, which is the 'living' environment that molds applaud! Or choose cotton underwear!

10. Control blood sugar and wash vulva with alkaline products. In women with diabetes, the glycogen content and acidity of the vagina are high and easy to be attacked by mold. Therefore, while controlling blood glucose, we should also pay attention to cleaning the vulva and select pH weak alkaline products.