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Can female vaginitis drink?

Can female vaginitis drink? Bacterial vulvitis is a kind of vulvitis caused by yeast. The most common pathogen is Candida albicans. Once found, it should be treated in the hospital as soon as possible, otherwise it will often affect fertility. During the treatment period, you need to change and disinfect your underwear and towels. You should try to avoid drinking and prohibit spicy food in your daily life.

Dietary contraindications of mycotic vaginitis:

1. Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Smoking can aggravate the disease, because nicotine in tobacco can weaken the combination of arterial blood and oxygen, and wine can promote damp heat, so it should be contraindicated. Similarly, alcoholic diet such as wine and medicinal wine should not be drunk.

2. Avoid sweet and greasy food

Greasy foods such as lard, fat pork, cream, butter, lanolin, etc., and high sugar foods such as chocolate, candy, dessert, cream cake, etc. These foods can help damp and heat, increase the secretion of leucorrhea and affect the therapeutic effect.

3. Avoid spicy food

Spicy food (pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, etc.) is easy to produce dry heat, which makes the internal organs accumulate heat and poison, resulting in symptoms such as swollen gums, sore tongue, short red urine, hot anus, Yin itching and pain before and after, so as to aggravate the symptoms of vaginitis.

4. Avoid seafood hair

Fishy products, such as mandarin fish, yellow croaker, hairtail, black fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products, can promote damp heat, aggravate vulva pruritus after eating, which is not conducive to the regression of inflammation, so they should be avoided.