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How should senile vaginitis be treated?

How should senile vaginitis be treated? Senile vaginitis can be treated with comprehensive therapy. Estrogen preparations can be used locally in the vagina to increase local resistance, but we should pay attention to breast monitoring and increase the local acidic environment of the vagina.

Patient consultation:

I'm nearly 50. Once infected with mycoplasma, but has been cured. Now there are pink secretions in the same room. Sometimes there are peanuts sized tumors in the right vulva, sometimes disappear. The vulva is dry and itchy. I often relieve itching by washing out and sitting in the basin. I'm afraid of roommates, but I can't escape reality. How should I treat my disease.

Expert Q & A:

Under normal circumstances, there are many kinds of bacteria in the vagina. Because a good ecological balance is formed between the vagina and these bacteria, it is not pathogenic. The self-cleaning effect of vagina plays an important role in maintaining this balance, estrogen, Lactobacillus and vaginal pH (PH). Estrogen can thicken the vaginal epithelium and contain rich glycogen, increasing the resistance to pathogens. Under the action of Lactobacillus vaginalis, glycogen is decomposed into lactic acid, maintaining the normal acidic environment of the vagina and inhibiting the growth of other pathogens.

At present, you are already in perimenopause (formerly known as' menopause '), estrogen has been reduced, and the antibacterial ability of the vagina has also been reduced. Your condition should be senile vaginitis. This is mainly related to the low ovarian function, the decline of local resistance and the easy entry of pathogenic bacteria to cause inflammation.

The effect of anti-inflammatory drugs alone in the treatment of this disease is not good. You can try the following methods.

First, under the guidance of local doctors, estrogen preparations such as diethylstilbestrol and cod liver oil can be used locally in the vagina, and drugs such as Venetian and Livial can also be taken orally to supplement estrogen and increase local resistance, but attention should be paid to breast monitoring.

Secondly, we should inhibit the growth of bacteria and increase the local acidic environment of the vagina. We can wash the vagina with 1% lactic acid or 0.5% acetic acid, or apply metronidazole cream or ofloxacin cream to the vagina.

In addition, the rash (tumor) of the director of the vaginal opening disappears from time to time. It is difficult to tell what the disease is. The biggest possibility is folliculitis. It is best to ask a doctor to check it when it comes to disease.

It should be noted that the vulva should not be cleaned with drugs.