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Can female vaginitis eat crabs?

Can female vaginitis eat crabs? Got vaginitis, can you eat crabs? Can vaginitis eat crab? Eating crabs is not conducive to the treatment and recovery of vaginitis? Can vaginitis eat crab meat?

Vaginitis is mostly caused by cold stagnation and blood stasis. Crabs are cool things. It's best not to eat or eat less. When eating, you must eat with ginger juice and vinegar.

If you get vaginitis, seafood hair and fishy smell, such as mandarin fish, yellow croaker, hairtail, black fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products can promote damp heat. After eating, it can aggravate vulvar pruritus, which is not conducive to the regression of inflammation, so you should avoid eating. It is advisable to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to keep the stool unobstructed; Drink more water; Prevent complicated urethral infection.

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