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What is tomato planting technology

Tomatoes are now a household dish. Eating tomatoes often can effectively supplement nutrition, so the annual output of tomatoes is also quite amazing. Of course, this is closely related to China's planting technology. Today, let's learn about tomato planting technology. Tomato planting technology 1. The time is appropriate. Tomatoes are suitable for planting in a warm and humid environment. They should be planted at a temperature of 25 ~ 28 ℃. If the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, it will affect the germination and growth of seeds. 2. The soil is fertile. If you want to plant high-quality tomatoes, you must choose a thick soil with fertility, convenient drainage and small nutrient loss. In winter, tomatoes in the South and North must be put into the shed to avoid cold erosion. 3. Variety selection: because of the large temperature difference between the South and the north, different tomato varieties should be selected according to this difference. In the south, with high temperature in summer and mild in winter, tomato varieties should choose drought resistant varieties. In the north, where the temperature is high in summer and cold in winter, varieties that can resist drought and heat should be selected. 4. Reasonable sowing: when tomatoes are sown in spring and autumn, expose the seeds to the sun for a day, then dig the soil loose and put the seeds in. Before the seeds are covered, sprinkle some water, then fill the soil, put on a shelf, cover a layer of transparent film, and press both sides of the film with stones. Then wait for 3 ~ 5 days. After the seeds germinate, lift the film to ventilate the seeds. After the seeds grow and emerge, spray fertilizer in time to provide nutrients for tomatoes. Sowing in winter should be carried out in the greenhouse, so that the seeds cannot survive the winter. 5. Watering, the tomato stems and leaves are developed, the demand for water is large, and its absorption capacity is very strong, so it is necessary to supplement sufficient water. However, tomatoes are drought tolerant crops and should not be watered too much. Try not to use irrigation when watering. Just use a general watering pot. In spring and autumn, it is usually watered once in about 7 ~ 10 days. The watering time is generally before 10 a.m. and it is not suitable to water at noon. In winter, it is generally OK to water once in about 10 days. The above is the planting technology of tomatoes. As long as you do these, you can harvest high-quality tomatoes in the near future. (XiGongShiChongZhiJiShuShiShenMe)