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Elegant name of ancient wind

The elegant names of ancient wind include: harmony wind, fumigation wind, golden wind, new moon wind and floating wind (BI) ā o) Wait. Ancient people gave different names to the wind according to its characteristics and personal feelings. For example, the wind in spring can give people a warm and gentle feeling, so it is called Hefeng. The elegant names of ancient wind and wind, fumigation wind, golden wind and new wind correspond to spring wind, summer wind, autumn wind and winter wind respectively.

"Fu Yu" means "high wind", which comes from the book of Han Dynasty: "hawks and falcons are fierce, while Luan haiku lingers! If it floats, the machine will move! "

In addition, there are soft wind, sad wind, fierce wind, wind silk, cold business, golden wind, golden pulse, etc. (GuDaiFengDeYaChen)