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How long can vacuum packaged cooked food be kept

Vacuum packaging is mainly used to isolate bacteria in the air. Packaged cooked food can keep fresh. Usually, vacuum packaged cooked food can be stored for about half a month. If it is stored in a hot environment in summer, it can be stored for up to one week. When vacuum packaging is used, it can also be refrigerated in the refrigerator, which can make the storage time longer.

The normal temperature storage time of different kinds of food after vacuum packaging is different. Generally speaking, according to experience, fresh agricultural and sideline products or slightly processed meat products can be stored at room temperature for 2 days. After vacuum packaging, they can be extended to 6 days, and some can be extended to 18 days; Dried fruits have been taught for a long time, even more than 12 months; Cooked food is shorter. After unpacking the vacuum package, if the cooked food inside does not produce peculiar smell and white mildew, it can be eaten directly. If there is peculiar smell and mildew, it means that the cooked food has deteriorated and is not suitable for eating. Usually, it is best to eat the food directly after cooking to avoid bad phenomena. (ZhenKongBaoZhuangDeShouShiNengBaoCunDuoJiu)