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How to use stop

Stop is often used in English learning. Next, let's learn the usage of stop. Cessation of interpretation; Interruption; stay; Stop working. Plug; Clogging; Obstruction; Stop payment. stop it; A plug (of an organ); Parking station; A sound pipe (of an organ). Use stop as a transitive verb to stop, stop and stop (+ v-ing), for example: it has stopped training The rain has stopped. Block (+ from), for example: the policemen stopped the fight The police stopped the fight. We stopped the leak the gas pipe by means of lead We plugged the leak in the gas pipe with lead. Cut off, stop payment, detain, for example: the boss has stopped my waves The boss has stopped paying me. Press (a hole or string of an instrument) with your fingers. Stop is an intransitive verb, such as my watch has stopped My watch stopped. Stop (do something else) followed by + to-v, for example: he stopped to listen to her ALKING He stopped to listen to her. He stopped at a hotel for the night He spent the night in a hotel. Stop is used as a noun to stop, stop, finish, stop, for example: the train came to a stop The train stopped. I \'ll get off at the next stop I'll get off at the next stop. Punctuation (especially a period). We made a stop in Tokyo We stopped in Tokyo. (stopZenMeYong)