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Can yeast be added to the kneaded dough

Yeast can not be directly added to the kneaded dough. You can make the dough into other foods that do not need fermentation, or knead the dough with yeast and some noodles with the dough without yeast, cover the fresh-keeping film and put it in a suitable temperature environment, and then the fermentation can be carried out normally. Can yeast be added to the dough after kneading? When making pasta, we usually use flour and add water to knead it into a dough. To make the finished product delicious, it's best to put some yeast in the dough for fermentation. After fermentation, we can use it again. How can we remedy if we forget to add yeast when making dough?

After the dough is kneaded, yeast cannot be added immediately. You can make it into another food, or use yeast and some flour, and then knead it with the original dough without yeast, then cover it with plastic wrap and put it in a warm place for normal fermentation.

In fact, the work of fermentation with yeast is very simple. First, put the flour into the basin, melt the yeast powder with warm water or sprinkle it directly into the flour, stir the flour evenly, knead it vigorously for a period of time in the semi dry and semi wet state, and then ferment it.