Sihai network

How to change the password when the campus network is occupied by others

First log in to the campus network, then click the "query" button under the IP out of school controller, and then a web page will pop up to log in to the campus network where you need to change your password. It is also possible to log in to others. Then you can see your campus network information and find "change password" on the left.

Campus network is a broadband multimedia network that provides teaching, scientific research and comprehensive information services for teachers and students. First of all, the campus network should provide an advanced information-based teaching environment for school teaching and scientific research. This requires that the campus network is a broadband, interactive and professional local area network.

Multimedia teaching software development platform, multimedia demonstration classroom, teacher lesson preparation system, electronic reading room, teaching and examination database can all run on the network. If a school includes multiple professional disciplines (or departments), multiple local area networks can also be formed and connected by wired or wireless means. Secondly, the campus network should have the functions of educational administration, administration and general affairs management. (JiaoYuanWangBeiBieRenZhanYongRuHeGaiMiMa)