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How to clean razor clam

When cleaning the razor clam, not only the shell should be cleaned, but there is more sediment in the razor clam. The razor clam should spit out the sediment before it can be eaten. Soak the cleaned razor clam in salt water, and the razor clam will continuously spit out sand. During the period, pay attention to changing the water. When changing the water for the third time, drop a little oil in the water, and the sediment can be spit out in about 2-3 hours. How to clean razor clams? Razor clams are marine shellfish. They are molluscs. They are narrow and long in shape. They have yellow eggs outside and white inside. They live in coastal seawater and can also be cultured artificially. The meat tastes delicious. There are razor clams, bamboo razors and so on.

Razor clam is common in the sediment in the intertidal zone. It can move up and down rapidly in the cave. When frightened, it will quickly shrink into the cave and feed on the food particles in the sea water with a short water pipe. Some species can swim for a short distance by spraying water with a water pipe.

The two water pipes of razor clam are very developed. It keeps in touch with the sea water on the beach completely by relying on these two water pipes, sucks food and fresh sea water from the inlet pipe, and discharges waste and sewage from the drain pipe. (ChengZiZenMeQingXi)