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Can Turkey noodles be eaten dry

You can eat turkey noodles dry, but they are crispy and not so delicious. It is recommended to cook them, which will taste better.

Introduction to Turkey noodles

Turkey noodles is a kind of instant noodles imported from Korea. Its biggest feature is that its taste is spicy, and it is more spicy than Chinese instant noodles. Its taste is sweet and spicy. As an imported instant noodles, the price of Turkey noodles is still very high in China. In contrast, people prefer to choose cheap instant noodles. Due to the influence of Korean food culture, instant noodles often appear on Korean tables, but China is a typical gourmet capital. Naturally, Turkey noodles can not meet the needs of Chinese food after coming to China, Eating turkey noodles is impulsive. Few people really often buy it back. (HuoJiMianKeYiGanChiMa)