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How should oil stains on colored clothes be removed

You can turn soap slices into solution with boiling water, scrub the oil stains, or wipe them with shampoo. It can be washed with alkaline water with salt added, or wiped on the oil stain with alcohol solution. You can also use the 'dry clothes pre coating method', apply the original solution of special hand washing detergent directly to the oil stains of dry clothes, stand for 5 minutes, and then wash it routinely. How to remove the oil stain on colored clothes? You can wipe the oil stain with white toothpaste, wipe it several times, and then scrub it with water to remove the oil stain.

If there are oil stains on the silk clothes, you can adjust the talc powder into a paste and apply it to the oil stains, stay for a period of time, remove the talc powder, pad a thin paper on the silk clothes, and then iron it with an electric iron with low temperature. (CaiSeYiFuShangDeYouZiYingGaiZenMeQuDiao)