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What do the fifth and sixth digits of the ID card represent

The fifth and sixth digits represent counties (municipal districts, county-level cities and banners).

Structure of ID number

1. The address code (the first six digits) indicates the administrative division code of the county (city, banner, district) where the coding object's permanent residence is located

2. The birth date code (seventh to fourteenth digits) indicates the year, month and day of birth of the coding object.

3. The sequence code (15th to 17th digits) represents the sequence number assigned to people born in the same year, month and day within the area identified by the same address code. The odd number of the sequence code is assigned to men and the even number to women.

4. The verification code (the 18th digit) as the verification code of the tail number is calculated by the number preparation unit according to the unified formula. If someone's tail number is 0-9, there will be no X, but if the tail number is 10, then it has to be replaced by X (shenfenzheng Diwu Weihe diliuweidaibiaoshenme)