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How to use sushi vinegar

Sushi vinegar is a necessary material for making sushi. After cooking the rice, add the sushi vinegar to the rice while it is hot, and stir it evenly after standing for 15 minutes, so that the stirred rice can be used to make sushi. Sushi rice must be dried and cooled thoroughly, otherwise other materials will become very soft, so the taste and taste of sushi are not good. How to use sushi vinegar sushi vinegar is an essential material for making sushi. The sour taste in sushi comes from it. It is sold on the market and can also be made by yourself. Sushi vinegar is an essential raw material for making sushi.

When making sushi, the ratio of rice to sushi vinegar is a bowl of rice plus a tablespoon of sushi vinegar. The sushi rice must be stirred evenly, otherwise the rice without vinegar will harden after a long time.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food. Sushi in ancient Japan was salted fish marinated with salt and rice, which later evolved into today's sushi. (ShouSiCuZenMeYong)