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What about Internet addiction

1. Divert attention: to become addicted to the Internet, you first need to divert your attention and do some other things at the critical time, such as eating, walking outside, reading some books, etc., so as to control your desire to play games as much as possible.

2. More outdoor activities: on weekends and holidays, the most correct way is to have more outdoor activities with good friends to enhance friendship. Get out of the Internet, climb mountains together, go to the suburbs together and enjoy a beautiful holiday.

3. Be aware of mistakes in time: many teenagers are addicted to online games and don't repent because they don't know its harm. Long-term addiction to online games will not only affect their academic performance, but also affect their daily life, lack of friends, often quarrel with their parents, etc. only when they are aware of their mistakes in time can they correct them. (WangLaoChenMiZenMeBan)