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What does the EU do

The role of the EU is mainly to realize the customs union and common foreign trade policy, implement a common agricultural policy, establish a political cooperation system, basically build an internal unified market, and so on.

Introduction to the European Union

The full name of the European Union is the European Union, which is developed from the European community. There are six founding member states, namely Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Its headquarters is located in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. EU institutions mainly include the European Council, the European Council, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European external action agency, the European Court of justice, the European Statistical Office, the European audit institute, the European Central Bank, the European investment bank and so on. The purpose of the EU is to promote peace, pursue a prosperous life for citizens, achieve sustainable socio-economic development, ensure basic values and strengthen international cooperation. (OuMengShiGanShenMeDe)