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What are the disadvantages of fish culture in canvas pond? Is fish culture in canvas pond good

There are many disadvantages of fish raised in canvas pond. First, it is difficult to manage, especially it is inconvenient to clean up green algae. Secondly, the ornamental ability is also poor. You can only see the fish from above, and it is generally placed in a lower position. It is not difficult to see from other directions. In addition, the fish raised are also more limited. It is only suitable for raising Koi and goldfish. Because this fish raising method is not good at temperature control, it can't raise tropical fish. 1、 It is difficult to take care of fish in canvas pond. First of all, it is difficult to take care of it. An ordinary fish tank can be equipped with a filter or change the water manually. When changing the water, you can draw water from the bottom and then mix it from the tank wall, so that there will be no large fluctuation in water quality and water temperature. If green algae grow in the tank, you can scrape the algae attached to the tank wall with an algae scraper, but if the green algae grow on the canvas, it is not so easy to clean. 2、 It's inconvenient to watch the canvas pool. Generally, the fish can only be seen from above. There are cloth blocks in other directions. In this way, it's inconvenient to watch, and such a fish pool can't be put too high, otherwise it's inconvenient to look down. The ordinary fish tank can be used to see fish in all directions except the side against the wall. Multi angle viewing can also appreciate the beauty of fish. 3、 There are restrictions on fish culture. Generally, goldfish or Koi are raised in canvas ponds. Because this kind of fish pond is not sealed, it is difficult to keep warm. It is basically impossible to raise tropical fish, and tropical fish are rarely viewed from top to bottom. It's easy to say to raise goldfish. After all, it's not big. If you raise Koi, you have certain requirements for the fish pond. The pond is too small for the fish to turn around. In this way, it's not in a good state. (FanBuChiYangYuBiDuanYouNaXie,FanBuChiYangYuHaoBuHao)