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How to preserve white gourd

If wax gourd is not cut, it is recommended to store it in a dry place with good ventilation. White gourd is not resistant to high temperature and can not adapt to low temperature. It is more suitable to store white gourd at about 10 ~ 15 degrees. Try to keep the storage environment dry. How to preserve white gourd? If you can't eat it after cutting, it is recommended to wrap it with fresh-keeping film and put it into the refrigerator for low-temperature preservation. Generally, it can be stored for about 1 ~ 2 days.

White gourd is the vegetable with the highest water content known at present. Scientific experiments have confirmed that most of the water content of general white gourd can be more than 96%. At the same time, white gourd almost contains no fat, less carbohydrates and low calories. (DongGuaZenMeBaoCun)