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Is mercury mercury

Mercury is mercury, commonly known as mercury.

Introduction to mercury

Mercury is a silvery white and shiny heavy liquid with stable chemical properties. It is insoluble in acid and alkali. Mercury can evaporate at room temperature. Mercury vapor and mercury compounds are highly toxic. Mercury has a long history and is widely used. In medieval alchemy, it was called the sacred three elements of alchemy together with sulfur and salt.

Mercury has a very small distribution in nature and is considered to be a rare metal, but Mercury has been found for a long time. Natural mercuric sulfide, also known as cinnabar, has been used as red pigment for a long time because of its bright red color. According to the fact that the oracle bone inscriptions unearthed by Yin Xu were coated with dansha, it can be proved that China used natural mercuric sulfide before history. (GongShiShuiYinMa)