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How to connect the three control and three open switch

Prepare two one open double control switches and one double open double control switch with several wires; The live line is connected to the single control switch L and leads out the control lines L1 and L2; The outgoing L1 is connected with L1 and L2 of the double control switch and L2 of the double control switch; L1 on the left side of the double control switch is connected with L2 on the right side, and L2 is connected with L1; Lead out l in the double control switch and connect to L1 and L2 of the third single control switch; Then lead out the L of the third single control switch to the lamp holder and the other line of the lamp holder to connect the zero line, so that the three control line is ready.

Three control switch means that three switches control a lamp, that is, on the basis of double control, add a double pole double throw switch between the connecting wires of the two switches. If not, double opening can be used instead. In the home decoration project, it is sometimes necessary to use three switches to control a lamp. For example, in a house with two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, the lighting of the living room needs to be controlled by three switches installed in two rooms and the living room respectively. At this time, if this control cannot be realized with three double control switches; If one single control switch and two double control switches are used, although it is feasible in theory, it is inconvenient in practice. When the two double control switches are not connected, the single control switch will lose its function, so this scheme is not desirable. Now two double control switches and a new switch are used. (SanKongSanKaiDeKaiGuanZenMeJie)