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What are the eight major tools for eating crabs

The eight pieces of crab are: bell, upsetting, pliers, spoon, fork, shovel, scraper and needle.

Precautions for eating crabs:

1. Crabs are not suitable for everyone. Because the crab is cold, it is not recommended for people with cold body, deficiency of stomach, cold hands and feet and allergic constitution. In addition, because crab is rich in high protein, especially the cholesterol content in crab roe and crab paste is very high, it is not recommended for patients with gallstones, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obesity.

2. Don't eat dead crabs. Because when crabs are dying, their bodies will secrete a toxic substance histamine, which will accumulate with the extension of death time. Of course, the dead crab meat will also rot rapidly and breed other bacteria. Therefore, dead crabs must not be eaten. (ChiPangXieDeGongJuShiNaBaDaJian)