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Where is the deep sea trek laser cutting machine

Deep sea trek laser cutting machine is in the box in the red algae area.

Usage of deep sea trek laser cutter: the laser cutter can be used to cut the sealed door; Put the laser cutter into the shortcut key, and then take it to your hand; Right click the mouse, align with the sealed door for cutting, then cutting will be carried out, and the progress bar will be displayed; After cutting, you can see the cut metal and the red wall.

"Deep sea Trek" is a deep-sea theme sandbox survival and construction game. The background is set in the late 22nd century. The Altra long-distance capital ship Aurora crashed on the ocean planet 4546b. The system maintenance officer ryley Robinson and escape pod 5 played by the player crashed in the ocean of 4546b. While trying to survive, Try to explore the cause of the ship crash and find a way to leave the planet. (ShenHaiMiHangJiGuangQieGeJiZaiNaLi)