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What does the little turtle eat and how to feed it

Little turtles eat a lot of things, such as fish and insects, snails, snails, vegetable leaves and melon skins. It should be noted that too small turtles cannot be fed meat, otherwise they will not digest and may cause intestinal diseases. It is usually fed once or twice a day. The feeding time is usually at noon. After feeding, the food residue should be treated in time to prevent it from deteriorating the water body and affecting the turtle's health. 1、 What little turtles eat? Turtles belong to omnivorous animals, but different varieties of turtles also have different preferences. Some turtles like to eat meat when they were young, and some like to be vegetarian when they were young, so they should choose to feed according to their habits. Generally, you can feed fish, worms, snails, etc. you can also feed vegetable leaves and some melon skins. Don't feed young turtles meat, especially fat meat. Their intestines can't digest and are easy to get sick. 2、 How to feed it 1. How often: the feeding of small turtles is different from that of adult turtles. Adult turtles can be fed once every three or five days because they store certain energy and their metabolism is slow, so they don't need to be fed often. The little turtle should be fed every day, but the feeding amount should not be too large. It's OK to eat as much as its head.

2. When to feed: pay attention to the feeding time, because the temperature is different in different periods, and its appetite is also different. Usually, when the temperature is high, its October will be higher, so it is generally fed at noon, and it may not eat in the morning or evening.

3. The residue should be cleaned up: generally, after feeding the turtle, it should eat it slowly, but not necessarily every time. If there is any leftover food residue, it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will pollute the water body. If the water quality is not good, it is easy for young turtles to suffer from white eye disease and die in serious cases. (XiaoWuGuiChiShenMe,RuHeGeiTaWeiShi)