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Turtles eat several grains of turtle food at a time. How do turtles at different stages feed

Turtles are different in size and eat different amounts at a time. Usually, the feeding amount is about 5-10% of their total weight. The small one can be fed with 1-3 capsules, the larger one can be fed with 6-9 capsules, and the larger one needs to be fed with 10-14 capsules. For newly born turtles, they don't need to be fed a few days ago. After the umbilical cord is absorbed, they can be fed with Daphnia. When they grow into young turtles, they can be fed with meat. They must be fresh. Adult turtles can accept more food. 1、 Turtles eat several grains of turtle food at a time. Turtles eat turtle food mainly depends on the size of turtles. For young turtles, feeding 1-3 grains at a time is enough. Smaller turtles can feed 3-5 grains at a time. Medium-sized turtles need to feed 6-9 grains at a time, and large turtles need to feed 10-14 grains at a time. Usually, the feeding amount is about 5-10% of the turtle's total body weight, and the total volume of feeding can be as large as the turtle's head, which is enough. 2、 How to feed turtles at different stages 1. Young turtles: young turtles refer to turtles that have just come out of the shell. In addition to their small size, this kind of turtle has two characteristics: one is that the shell is still broken and the teeth are still there, and the other is that they have not absorbed the umbilical cord. At this time, they do not need to be fed and can continue to absorb the nutrition of egg yolk. After two days, you can feed it with Daphnia, earthworms, etc.

2. Young turtle: a young turtle is a little bigger than a young turtle and can eat more. However, it is usually only fed with meat and fresh meat. It should be noted that turtles at this stage must be fed enough once a day, or if they are not full, their growth rate will slow down.

3. Adult tortoise: generally, the tortoise raised for several years has matured. This kind of tortoise has a wider diet. In addition to feeding meat, it also needs to supplement some vegetables, melons and fruits. At the same time, it needs to supplement calcium regularly to prevent it from soft shell disease. (WuGuiYiCiChiJiLiGuiLiang,BuTongJieDuanDeGuiZenMeWeiShi)