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Is the glutinous rice steamed or boiled

The glutinous rice of wheat can be steamed or boiled as long as it can be cooked. If we want the glutinous rice to have clear particles, we should steam it. We should first soak the glutinous rice in water, then lay it flat in the steamer, heat it over high fire for 40 minutes, and finally take out the glutinous rice to disperse and cool it. The glutinous rice in Shaomai should be steamed or boiled. When we make Shaomai at home, we can either steam or boil it, as long as they can completely cook the glutinous rice. However, if we have high requirements and want to have clear grains of glutinous rice in Shaomai, we should give priority to steaming it.

First, steam the glutinous rice in the roasted wheat until the particles are clear. First, soak the glutinous rice in normal temperature water for a period of time until we can easily crush the glutinous rice with our fingers. In this way, the starch in the glutinous rice can be soaked out so that the glutinous rice will not stick together too much after steaming.

After the glutinous rice is soaked, they should be spread into the steamer. The thickness of the glutinous rice here should not exceed two fingers wide. Then heat the glutinous rice with high fire for about 40 minutes, and then put it out to disperse and cool it.