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Is the quick frozen pumpkin cake fried or fried

Quick frozen pumpkin cake is usually fried. We just need to thaw the pumpkin cake at room temperature. If it is not thawed here, it will make it difficult for the pumpkin cake to be fried. Then heat the oil to the extent that it can bubble when inserted into chopsticks, and then fry the pumpkin cake in it. The color is golden. Fried or fried quick-frozen pumpkin pie a handful of quick-frozen pumpkin pie is fried and eaten. This kind of pumpkin pie has completed the steps of seasoning and shaping. We don't need to deal with it more. Just put it directly into the oil pan and fry it until the surface is golden.

However, it should be noted that the pumpkin cake needs to be thawed at room temperature before frying, otherwise the water in the pumpkin cake will melt during frying, resulting in oil splashing during frying, and the pumpkin cake is not easy to fry.

After the pumpkin cake is thawed, we can prepare a pot of oil and heat it. When the oil is heated to bubble when inserted into chopsticks, we can fry the pumpkin cake in it, and the color is golden.