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How does a tortoise hibernate and what does it do before hibernation

Before hibernating, the tortoise should first supplement nutrition to make it have enough energy to survive the winter, but in the first two weeks, it should stop feeding and soak in warm water to promote defecation. During hibernation, prepare special containers with sterilized sand and small stones. At ordinary times, the temperature should be controlled to prevent it from waking up in advance. Usually in April, you can wake it up. At this time, you should slowly increase the temperature. 1、 Preparation not all turtles can hibernate. The little turtle may encounter danger during hibernation. Usually, before hibernation, check their physical condition. Weak turtles should add more feed so that they can store certain nutrients. Two weeks before hibernation, you need to stop feeding it and soak it in warm water so that it can defecate and empty its intestines. 2、 For Hibernating Tortoise, it's best to prepare a special container, which should be filled with sand and small stones, but it should be disinfected. Usually boil it with boiling water for 15 minutes. Kill the bacteria through high temperature to prevent it from invading the body during tortoise hibernation and affecting its health. 3、 During the hibernation period, the tortoise usually hibernates at a temperature below 10 ℃. In order to ensure that it will not wake up prematurely, it is necessary to control the temperature, usually at about 5 ℃. During the sleeping period, change the water once a week, about half each time, so as to ensure good water quality and wet sand. 4、 The tortoise usually hibernates from November to early April of the next year, and then the temperature rises to about 15 ℃, so it is necessary to wake it up. After waking up, it should be heated slowly. When the water temperature reaches 18-20 ℃, it will start feeding. At this time, we should supplement it with nutrition so as not to wake up and get sick. (WuGuiZenMeDongMian,DongMianQianYaoZuoShenMe)