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What does the web of life mean

The web of life refers to the interdependent and restrictive relationship between animals and plants. The word comes from college students' English library.

Introduction to college English Library

'College English Library' is a series of English readings for Chinese students. Each book is an annotated book. It is suitable for college students of various disciplines and graduate students to read and study. The book introduces in detail the close relationship between life and nature, and vividly depicts a "survival of the fittest" web of life. As the author wrote in the book: 'if we observe nature with exploratory eyes, every tree and grass will tell us its living environment and survival way'. At the same time, the book has pure English, superb writing and professional knowledge. It is suitable for scholars at all levels. At the same time, the book is rich in words, which can improve readers' vocabulary. (ShengMingZhiWangZhiDeShiShenMe)