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The gas stove won't catch fire

The reason why the gas stove can't catch fire is generally that the gas is insufficient or the battery of the gas stove is dead. If the fuel gas is insufficient, the fuel gas fee shall be paid in time. If the gas stove can't catch fire when there is fuel gas, it is necessary to observe whether the spark is weak during the ignition. This situation is usually caused by the battery. Precautions for the use of gas stove the rubber tube of gas stove is easy to age and crack. Regularly check the joints and bends. If any damage is found, replace it immediately.

If gas leakage is found, close the main switch immediately, quickly open the doors and windows and accelerate the air circulation.

When the gas stove is in use, it is best not to leave or leave for too long. Always pay attention to the combustion situation to avoid fire. (RanQiZaoDaDaDaDaBuZhaoHuo)