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What happens if you scan the QR code without a helmet

According to the relevant laws and regulations of China's road traffic safety law, when driving a motorcycle, the driver and passengers shall wear safety helmets in accordance with the regulations. Those who do not wear safety helmets in accordance with the regulations will be given 2 points and fined 200 yuan. For motorcycle drivers who do not wear helmets on the road, they are required to notify their families to send helmets to the scene when investigating and dealing with them. Helmet sharing points are also set up in some conditional streets and towns. After entering the relevant information of violators, they can borrow helmets temporarily for free.

It is understood that intelligent persuasion can make statistics on the types and number of traffic violations of offenders. Law enforcement officers, according to the number of violations and the seriousness of the circumstances, respectively take the methods of sending warning messages, door-to-door education and internal punishment to urge relevant offenders to strictly abide by traffic laws and regulations and form the habit of civilized travel.

At the same time, the persuasion code can also grasp the situation and strength of persuasion work in various towns and streets in real time, and conduct comprehensive research and judgment in combination with the traffic conditions mastered by video surveillance, so as to effectively improve the helmet wearing rate, traffic law-abiding rate and passenger loading rate in Baiyun District, and effectively reverse the situation of frequent violations of law involving motorcycle electricity in Baiyun District. (MeiDaiTouKuiSaoLeErWeiMaHuiZenYang)