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Is the dough too wet to ferment

Generally, the dough cannot be fermented successfully if it is too wet, because there are certain requirements for temperature and humidity during fermentation. It is recommended to add an appropriate amount of flour to it again for fermentation. In addition, the best temperature of dough is about 27-30 ℃. If it is fermented in winter, it can be fermented through hot water to avoid fermentation failure. If the dough is too wet, whether it can continue to ferment. When making pasta, it is usually necessary to mix the flour into dough, and most of the reconciled dough looks very white and feels particularly good. If the dough fails to ferment, not only the fermented surface is sour and rich, but also the steamed surface is pitted and white.

Generally, it is easy to fail fermentation if the dough is too wet, because both temperature and humidity will have a certain impact on fermentation. At this time, we should add some flour to make it feel less sticky. At the same time, ensure the ambient temperature and put it in a sunny place as far as possible.

Note that the best temperature for dough is about 27-30 ℃. At this temperature, the dough usually takes only about 2-3 hours to ferment successfully. If it is fermented in winter, it is best to ferment through hot water, otherwise it may be difficult to ferment successfully for a long time.