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What is the part of pig meat

Pig meat is the meat on the pig's hand. In the north, it is called elbow. Southerners call it hind hoof or pig hoof. Pig meat is the meat that often moves on pigs. It is rich in collagen and high-quality protein.

Expansion: the practice of pig soup

Overlord flower has many names: Sword flower, Overlord whip, ruler, wind and rain flower, etc. Because its corolla is huge and in full bloom, people are shocked by its momentum and praise it as' overlord flower '.

1. Appropriate amount of overlord flower, soak and wash it with clean water, drain the water and cut it into sections

2. 600g pork, 3 honey dates, 4 figs and several pieces of ginger

3. Wash figs and dates,

4. Boil water in the pot and let the pig meat out of the water

5. Put an appropriate amount of water into the earthen pot, then put in the overlord flower, ginger, jujube and fig, and then boil the water,

6. Put the pork in a earthen pot, cook it over high heat for 15 minutes, and then cook it over low heat for 2 and a half hours

7. Cook the soup for 2 and a half hours and add salt to drink it