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What is the reason why there is a layer of white fog on Koi and how to treat it

Koi has a layer of white fog, which may be infected with mold. At this point, you need to put some antibiotics in the sick fish tank for treatment. It may also be infected with parasites. At this time, you need to soak the sick fish in salt water for half an hour, and then maintain it normally. It may also be because Koi have Baiyun disease. At this time, it is necessary to put the sick fish into a low concentration malachite green solution for medical bath treatment. Take a medicine bath once a day for 20 minutes each time, which can be cured in a week. 1、 Infection with mold 1. Cause: if the mold enters the body through the damaged part of the koi, one end of the mycelium will extend towards the muscle and grow outward for a period of time to form cotton like mycelium, which will become the white fog we see.

2. Treatment: buy some fish with antibiotics and melt the antibiotics into the water. Change the water every two days and put antibiotics every time. Three consecutive times can cure the disease. 2、 Infection and insect pests 1. Cause: the white fog around the koi may be due to the infection of the "claw bug", which will attach to the koi, absorb the nutrients of the Koi and spread bacteria.

2. Treatment method: at this time, it is necessary to immediately change the water for the koi, and soak the koi in salt water for half an hour. Then use disinfectant to disinfect the fish tank. After disinfection, soak the fish tank in salt water for two hours, and then breed normally. 3、 Infection with Baiyun disease 1. Cause: Baiyun disease is a common disease in Koi. After infection with Baiyun disease, Koi will turn white all over, just like fog.

2. Treatment method: use sulfathiazole for feeding. Feed according to the standard of 50kg fish feeding 5g. It can be mixed with fish food for feeding. Generally, it will get better after feeding for six days. At the same time, Koi can be given a medicine bath and soaked with malachite green. (JinLiYuShenShangYouYiCengBaiWuShiShenMeYuanYin,ZenMeZhiLiao)