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Does soybean have a shelf life

Soybeans have a shelf life. The shelf life of soybeans is generally about 2-3 years. Dried soybeans contain little water content and can be stored for a long time. If properly preserved, they can be stored for about 2-3 years. Soybean soybean generally refers to soybean. It is an annual herb of soybean genus in Leguminosae. It is native to China. It is cultivated all over China and widely all over the world.

Soybean is one of the important grain crops in China. It has been cultivated for 5000 years. It was called Shu in ancient times. Northeast China is the main production area. It is a crop whose seeds are rich in plant protein.

Soybeans are most commonly used to make all kinds of bean products, extract soybean oil, brew soy sauce and extract protein. Soybean is an ideal high-quality plant protein food. Eating more soybean and soybean products is conducive to human growth, development and health. (HuangDouYouBaoZhiJiMa)