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Casio calculator tutorial

Casio scientific calculator is a convenient and multifunctional calculator for students. First remove the cover of the calculator, and then turn it on. At this time, you will see that there are yellow fonts such as symbols and letters above most buttons on the calculator panel. These fonts are the second function of each corresponding button of the calculator.

When we need to use these second function keys, we need to use the shift function key on the calculator panel. When you need to use a semicolon, press the shift key, and then press the semicolon key when "s" is displayed on the display screen.

Casio calculator is an electronic product launched by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and applied to various industries to bring users digital operation experience. Casio has two series of calculator products, function machine and office machine. The users include primary and secondary school students, college students, graduate students, international students, physics and chemistry competition participants and other students, as well as professional groups such as builders, engineers, accountants, catering operators and self-employed households. (KaXiOuJiSuanQiShiYongJiaoCheng)