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Which position is bit C

Position C is a network word, which refers to the central position. Generally, it refers to the prominent position of artists in the middle of publicity posters, such as the central position in many team combinations; In the posters of some film and television dramas, they are people with high coffee level.

Source of bit C

The word "C" originally came from DOTA, League of heroes and other game fields. Its full name is "carry", which means the core role in the later stage. Specifically, it refers to the role of making money in the early and middle stages of the game and leading the team to turn the tide in the later stage of the game. Later, after continuous development, the word "C" has gradually expanded to the entertainment industry. It mostly appears in some combinations, indicating the level division of team members in a combination. In addition, there are also G-bit and S-bit in the game field. G-bit generally refers to gank bit, which means walking with rhythm, which is a hero who drives the rhythm of the whole team in the early and middle stages of the game; S-bit generally refers to the support bit, and generally refers to the hero who protects your C-bit. (cWeiShiNaGeWeiZhi)