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How often do electronic cigarette bombs change

It needs to be determined according to the smoke frequency and the size of the first-class smoke bomb. For example, the smoke bomb with a capacity of 1.5ml is expected to smoke about 450-500. If converted into cigarettes, it is about 2.5 packs, and the smoke bomb with a capacity of about 2ml can smoke about 600. If you smoke more frequently, the more often you change the cigarette cartridge.

If they are all ordinary electronic cigarettes, their smoke bombs can be used in general, and generally there will be no problem. However, some e-cigarettes are atomizer smoke bombs, and e-cigarettes like this can not be used in general. Therefore, it should be determined according to the specific situation. Pay more attention when buying electronic cigarettes and cigarette bombs.

E-cigarettes have the same smoke, taste and feeling as cigarettes. They will also produce second-hand smoke in the process of use, and their second-hand smoke contains many substances harmful to human body. Therefore, when you like smoking, you must pay attention to it. You should not smoke in places with a large number of people and public places. (DianZiYanYanDanDuoJiuHuanYiCi)