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Can silver carp be raised in seawater

Freshwater fish silver carp is a kind of freshwater fish. It is one of the four most common freshwater cultured fish in China. Silver carp are widely distributed in the waters of eastern Asia. In China, silver carp are distributed in various water systems. Wild silver carp will live in fresh water such as rivers and lakes. When cultured artificially, it needs to be cultured in fresh water. They can't survive in seawater because the salinity of seawater is very high, which will make them uncomfortable and unable to grow normally. 1、 Silver carp are freshwater fish or seawater fish. Freshwater fish and seawater fish are two kinds of fish living in different environments. The former can only live in freshwater, while the latter can live in seawater. There are great differences between freshwater fish and seawater fish, not only in their living environment, but also in their appearance and habits.

If silver carp are divided from this aspect, silver carp belong to freshwater fish because they live in freshwater. Specifically, silver carp are distributed in the fresh water of eastern Asia. In China, silver carp are widely distributed, basically in all water systems, and widely distributed in the South and North. Wild silver carp live in rivers, lakes and other basins. In addition, they can also be cultured artificially. The cultured silver carp also live in fresh water. 2、 Can silver carp be raised in seawater? As mentioned above, silver carp belongs to freshwater fish. Both wild silver carp and artificially cultured silver carp live in freshwater. Therefore, silver carp have adapted to the freshwater environment, and their habits, characteristics and body structure are suitable for the freshwater environment. The difference between seawater environment and freshwater environment is very large. Once silver carp live in seawater, they may not adapt. For example, there is a lot of salt in the sea water, while the gills of silver carp do not have a good ability to filter salt, and they are likely to die directly because the salt is too high. Therefore, silver carp can not be raised in seawater, but only in fresh water. (LianYuShiDanShuiYuHaiShiHaiShuiYu,NengYongHaiShuiYangMa)