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How long does it take to make noodles with warm water

Making noodles with warm water can shorten the fermentation time. Basically, the dough can be made in about 30 minutes. In winter, the fermentation temperature is relatively low. We need to put the prepared dough on warm water for fermentation. The reason why we don't use boiled water is that the dough may be burned to death by increasing the boiling water temperature. Warm water noodle making time is in the north of China. The staple food in most areas is pasta, such as steamed bread and steamed stuffed bun. Generally, when making pasta, fermentation is required. However, in winter, the fermentation effect will be greatly reduced, and even there will be no fermentation. At this time, people often do noodle making work across warm water.

First, pour the flour into the container, then melt the yeast powder with warm water, pour it into the flour, mix it evenly and knead it into dough, add warm water into the small basin, then put the large basin with oil dough on the small basin, cover the cover or plastic wrap for fermentation, and the water temperature here can be about 27 ℃.

Generally, if you use warm water to make noodles, the fermentation time will be greatly shortened. Basically, you can make noodles in about 30 minutes. Note that you can't use boiled water directly. In this way, the temperature is relatively high. Although it is separated from a basin bottom, it may burn the dough to death.