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Can balsam pear be frozen

Balsam pear can be frozen in the refrigerator. During the preservation of vegetables, vitamins will gradually lose. Quick freezing after picking vegetables can well prevent the loss of vitamins. Ultra low temperature and rapid freezing vegetables can maintain more vitamins. Balsam pear can be frozen in order to keep fresh. Balsam pear can be frozen? Balsam pear is a temperature loving Vegetable Cultivated in temperate areas. The suitable storage temperature is generally 8 ℃ - 10 ℃. It is stored in a cool place when the weather is cold. If it is put in the refrigerator, it will affect the taste.

Balsam pear is native to East India and widely cultivated in tropical to temperate regions of the world. It is widely cultivated in North and South China. Balsam pear tastes sweet and bitter. It is mainly used as a vegetable. It can also be sugared. Mature pulp and aril are also edible.

Although not everyone is used to bitter gourd, it is extremely rich in nutrients. In addition to protein, sugar, minerals and vitamins, it also contains several unique ingredients. (KuGuaKeYiLengDongBaoCunMa)