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How to print the admission ticket for academic level examination

1. First, you need to find the print information page of the academic level examination permit, and then find the print option, which is usually at the bottom. After finding it, click the print option.

2. In the newly opened page, select the option of Microsoft print to PDF in the option of selecting printer.

3. In many cases, we need to print horizontally or vertically. We can set it directly, then find the preferences and click.

4. After entering the page, select whether to print horizontally or vertically in the direction option, and then click OK.

5. Fill in the print quantity as required, and then set it. Next, click print option.

6. Select the USB disk on the left side of the page for saving, then enter the file name after the file name, such as the admission ticket, and then click the Save option, so that the file can be printed directly from the USB disk. (XueYeShuiPingKaoShiDaYinZhunKaoZhengZenMeDaYin)