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What is the turtle's comfortable performance and how to make the turtle comfortable

When the tortoise is comfortable, it will look very relaxed, its limbs will stretch out and look very lazy. Usually when the temperature is high, it will feel comfortable. If the temperature is too low, the turtle's appetite will drop, his mental state will be bad, and sometimes hibernate. To make it feel comfortable, you need to provide good water, adequate feeding, and regular back drying. 1、 Tortoise's comfortable performance when tortoise feels comfortable, his expression is often more relaxed, and his limbs will stretch out, looking more lazy. Generally, it will have this performance when the temperature is high. If the temperature is low, it will lose appetite, do not love activities, and may even hibernate. In addition, some turtles will pedal their hind legs when they are happy. 2、 How to make turtles comfortable 1. Good water body: raising turtles generally requires a pool. If the water quality is good and the water temperature is appropriate, turtles will feel very comfortable. Usually, the water quality can be improved by changing the water regularly. Generally, the water should be changed once after each feeding. The water temperature difference should not be too large to avoid stimulation.

2. Adequate feeding: turtles should be fed at ordinary times. If they are fed what they like to eat, they will also feel comfortable. As omnivores, most turtles prefer meat, so they should be regularly fed with fish, shrimp, snails, mussels, etc. In addition, for its health, we should add some vegetables, melons and fruits.

3. Regular back drying: usually, turtles are most likely to have a comfortable performance when drying their backs. Therefore, put it on the drying table regularly and let it dry well. The time for drying the back should not be too long. At the same time, don't dry the back at noon, so as to avoid dehydration caused by high temperature and even death. (WuGuiShuFuDeBiaoXianShiShenMe,ZenMeRangWuGuiShuFu)