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What is an emulsifier

Emulsifier is an indispensable component to promote emulsion stability, and plays an important role in the stability of emulsion. In order to form a stable emulsion and disperse the dispersed phase into very small droplets, the use and selection of emulsifiers are also very important. Emulsifier mainly forms a solid emulsion membrane by reducing the interfacial free energy to form a stable emulsion.


Adding small molecule emulsifier into the system can reduce the surface tension of the system, reduce its interface energy and improve the stability of the emulsion, such as milk, protein beverage, etc. In addition, when the surfactant is adsorbed at the emulsion droplet interface, it can act as a barrier and prevent the droplets from aggregating with each other. When adding ionic surfactants with charge, the emulsion droplets will repel each other due to the same charge and increase the emulsification. (RuHuaJiShiShenMeDongXi)