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The reason why horseshoe cake is too sticky

The produced horseshoe cake is too sticky, which may be due to the failure to control the ratio of horseshoe powder to water. If you put too much water into horseshoe powder, it will cause horseshoe cake to be very sticky. At the same time, if the horseshoe cake is not fully steamed or the horseshoe powder used is of poor quality, it will also lead to the high viscosity of the finished horseshoe cake. Why is horseshoe cake sticky? Horseshoe cake is a very common snack in Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian. It is usually made of white sugar and horseshoe powder. It tastes soft and smooth. But sometimes we always encounter the situation that the horseshoe cake is very sticky. Why?

There are many reasons for the stickiness of horseshoe cake. The most common one is that we do not control the proportion of horseshoe powder and water when making horseshoe cake. If we accidentally add too much water here, the stickiness of horseshoe cake will be very large.

At the same time, we should not be anxious when steaming horseshoe cake. If we take out the horseshoe cake in the steamer too early, it will stick to the plate and knife because it is not fully cooked. In addition, some horseshoe cakes made of poor quality horseshoe powder will also be very sticky.