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What is the boiling point of oil?

Different types of oil have different boiling points. The boiling point of edible oil commonly used in people's life is generally above 200 ℃ under standard atmospheric pressure. There is a certain relationship between the boiling point of oil and air pressure, including water. In high altitude plateau areas, water and oil are generally difficult to boil. What is the boiling point of oil? Some common types of oils have different boiling points under standard atmospheric pressure. The boiling point of edible oil is generally above 200 ℃, flaxseed oil is about 280 ℃, kerosene is about 150 ℃, peanut oil and rapeseed oil are 335 ℃, and soybean oil is about 230 ℃.

When cooking with edible oil, it is recommended to do less high-temperature cooking. Too high oil temperature is easy to destroy the nutritional components of food. It is recommended to heat the pot and pour in the edible oil. Generally, you can cook directly without waiting for the oil in the pot to smoke. (YouDeFeiDianShiDuoShaoDu?)