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Preferential policies for Apple College Students

Apple's preferential policy for college students is a preferential policy launched by apple for global education users, including college students and their parents, teachers and staff of all grades. With apple education discount, you can enjoy a discount when purchasing some apple hardware devices and software.

The products participating in Apple's education discount mainly include MAC series products (desktop and laptop products) and iPad. The discount range is also different according to the configuration and original pricing of different products. The specific price of Apple education discount can be checked on the [education discount] page of Apple's official website.

Apple education preferential policies are only for college students and their parents, as well as on-the-job employees of the school. Generally, after browsing Apple education store online as students or their parents and purchasing corresponding products, apple official will send a certification email, submit student identity information within the specified time in the email, and enjoy Apple education discount after Apple official approval. The materials submitted include three scanned copies or photos of the cover of the student card, the content page of the student card and the registration details page. If you apply as an on-the-job employee of the school, you need to provide three scanned copies or photos of the teacher's work card (including kindergarten, primary school, middle school, University, junior college, technical college, vocational college and other teaching employees), on-the-job certificate and certification letter. (PingGuoDaXueShengYouHuiZhengCe)